News and PR

  • SLGFI 2015 Corporate Annual Report

    We are pleased to announce that our 2015 Corporate Annual Report will be available online in the Corporate Governance section of the SLGFI website....

  • Sun Life Grepa Offers New Fund Maturing in 4 Dates

    SUN LIFE Grepa Financial, Inc. (SLGFI) is offering a new fund option which takes into account the general time frame when the clients' funds will have to be available to address their financial needs. The company said that SLG MyFuture...

  • Sun Life Grepa Income Doubles

    SUN Life Grepa Financial, Inc.'s premium in 2013 expanded by 106%, with the bancassurance business contributing significantly to the overall sales growth....

  • Sun Life Grepa's premiums reach P12B

    The joint venture insurance company of Sun Life of Canada, (Philippines) Inc. (SLOCPI) and the Yuchengco Group of Companies has managed to doubleits total premium last year due to strong sales from its bank assurance business...

  • Sun Life Grepa Premiums Double in 2013

    Sun Life Grepa Financial Inc. (Sun Life Grepa), a joint venture of Sun Life of Canada(Philippines) Inc.(Sun Life of Canada) and the Yuchengco Group of Companies(YGC), has posted total premiums of P12 billion in 2013...

VUL Funds

   SLG Bond Fund 1.2736
   SLG Balanced Fund 1.3195
   SLG Equity Fund 1.4526
   SLG Income Fund 1.3361
   SLG Opportunity Fund 1.3680
   SLG Growth Fund 1.4699
   SLG Dynamic Fund 0.9568
   SLG MyFuture 2025 Fund 1.0158
   SLG MyFuture 2030 Fund 1.0185
   SLG MyFuture 2035 Fund 1.0235
   SLG MyFuture 2040 Fund 1.0243
   SLG Growth PLUS Fund 1.0571

   as of 08/26/2016

   SLG Global Income Fund 0.9994
   SLG Global Opportunity Fund 0.9605
   SLG Global Asset Builder 0.9882
   SLG Global Asset Builder - EA 0.8392
   SLG Global Asset Builder - EA 2 0.8275
   SLG Global Asset Builder - EA 3 0.8653

   as of 08/26/2016