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VUL Unit Price

Peso Funds

As of 10/26/2020Unit PriceYTD Value*
SLG Bond FundPHP 1.43175.4349%
SLG Balanced FundPHP 1.1748-11.3827%
SLG Equity FundPHP 1.1353-21.3509%
SLG Income FundPHP 1.50385.6559%
SLG Opportunity FundPHP 1.2183-11.2285%
SLG Growth FundPHP 1.1230-22.1976%
SLG Dynamic FundPHP 0.8262-14.1075%
SLG MyFuture 2025 FundPHP 1.0242-0.4374%
SLG MyFuture 2030 FundPHP 0.9376-7.2968%
SLG MyFuture 2035 FundPHP 0.8794-11.6802%
SLG MyFuture 2040 FundPHP 0.8883-12.0321%
SLG Growth PLUS FundPHP 0.7960-14.2056%
SLG Index FundPHP 0.7599-17.3393%
SLG Captains FundPHP 0.8465-12.9921%
SLG Money Market FundPHP 1.01500.8646%
SLG Opportunity Tracker FundPHP 1.06570.0000%
SLG Peso Asset Builder Fund**PHP 1.0466-0.6927%

Dollar Funds

As of 10/26/2020Unit PriceYTD Value*
SLG Global Income FundUSD 1.05092.6671%
SLG Global Opportunity FundUSD 1.18816.6517%
SLG Global Growth FundUSD 1.13717.3647%
SLG Dollar Money Market FundUSD 0.99990.0000%
As of 10/20/2020Unit PriceYTD Value*
SLG Global Asset Builder - EA 2USD 0.99452.1887%
SLG Global Asset Builder - EA 3USD 0.97813.3495%
SLG Global Asset Builder - PrimoUSD 1.09457.8644%

* YTD = Year-To-Date yield (yield from start of year)

** Unit Price for SLG Peso Asset Builder Fund is indicative. Amount is subject to foreign exchange risk in case of policy surrender, among others.

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