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Sun Life Grepa launches critical illness product for seniors

To have a worry-free and active life even after retirement remains to be the ultimate goal that many aging adults aspire to achieve. Even at a later stage in one's life, there is always this longing to embark on new life adventures which one could have missed out during his younger and busier years.

However, many aging adults still fail to prepare for this state of life because of the never ending expenses even after retirement. And one of the expenses that they mostly worry about concerns health and medical care.

"Healthcare-related expenses are those that aging people are always worried about because they are unpredictable and the potential amounts involved can be substantial," says Richard S. Lim, President of Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc. (Sun Life Grepa), a major life insurance company in the country. "It is not uncommon for Filipinos to put off seeking medical treatment because they are concerned with the expenses involved. But statistics show that the chances for survival for major diseases such as heart attack, stroke or cancer increases significantly if diagnosed early and treated properly. Delaying diagnosis or treatment comes with a high cost, both in our finances and in our lives," Lim added. "What should have been a fun, worry-free and fulfilling retirement life, ends up being an unnecessary financial struggle with the overall quality being compromised."

To help cushion the impact of not having enough funds to survive the health-related difficulties during retirement, Sun Life Grepa introduces Sun Grepa Senior Care.

Sun Grepa Senior Care is a limited-pay comprehensive life and health protection plan that provides financial security for medical issues that commonly happen in later years.

"Retirees have a greater need for health protection and this is what we try to address with our product," says Lim. "We want them to enjoy their best years knowing that they will not be a burden on their loved ones and that their savings will not be depleted because of health emergencies."

For only PHP2,970 monthly (estimated cost based on female 50 year old non-smoker client profile with PHP450,000 coverage), Sun Grepa Senior Care offers clients 50 years old and up an access to preventive health care and wellness services, and coverage in case one is diagnosed with any of the seventeen advanced-age critical illnesses and four specific surgeries / conditions. And if a client stays healthy and well, Sun Grepa Senior Care also ensures that his loved ones' future is secured with the same amount of coverage.

Paying for the policy is also made easier. Sun Life Grepa now offers auto-debit and auto-charge arrangements for RCBC bank account holders.

"Sun Life Grepa wants to make life easier for people who've achieved so much and want to leave a lasting legacy," adds Lim. "We hope that Sun GrepaSenior Care can provide that peace of mind."

To learn more about Sun Grepa Senior Care, ask your Sun Life Grepa financial advisor; call (02) 849-9633; visit any RCBC, RCBC Savings Bank or CTBC Bank branch; or visit