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Dreaming of a Brighter Future Beyond the Holidays

Filipinos love celebrating homecomings. This is especially true for those with family members who are Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). Such homecoming occasions are marked with teary eyes, big smiles, and warm hugs - starting from airport arrival to the various celebrations held to welcome the "balikbayan".

For an OFW, coming home for Christmas is a holiday highly anticipated in the hearts and minds of his family. Saving up for a round-trip ticket and a family Christmas celebration is no mean feat, given that a big amount of his salary goes to the family's expenses for their daily needs, education, or even house-building expenses. It is not hard to think then that after the celebrations, the OFW dreads the day going back abroad, beginning another cycle of hard work to provide for the needs of his loved ones and saving up for the next homecoming.

But why not break the cycle and prepare for a future filled with more time with family? Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc. (Sun life Grepa) offers the chance to build one's dreams with its various financial protection solutions that include life insurance as well as investment-linked insurance products for different needs in easily affordable installment plans.

"We encourage our kababayans to think of their financial security beyond their employment contract tenure," says Sun Life Grepa President Richard S. Lim. "While providing for your children's education or paying for a house is an immediate goal that we want every OFW to achieve, we also want to help our OFWs to be financially prepared for their future regardless of what happens."

With Sun Life Grepa's life insurance coverage, an OFW can be assured that his income is protected in case of uncertainty, giving financial security to his family. "An OFW's salary can only do much to provide for his family's needs," says Lim. "By setting aside regular amounts for a life insurance policy, an OFW can provide greater financial benefits to his loved ones beyond his monthly remittances."

Aside from life coverage, many of Sun Life Grepa's products come with an investment component that can also help grow the OFW's savings. "Given that most OFWs save in cash, we want to help them optimize their money's value over time," adds Lim.

For an OFW coming home this Christmas, getting financial protection can be the best gift for the family. "We do not want families to be apart for many years," adds Lim. "The earlier they can financially prepare for their future, the more likely they can actually be permanently re-united with their loved ones sooner and enjoy peace of mind about their future."

For inquiries, contact (02) 849-9633, email , visit any Sun life Grepa branch or Interested OFWs may also visit their nearest RCBC, RCBC Savings Bank or CTBC Bank branch.