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SLG Balanced Fund

The SLG Balanced Fund is one of the investment options for policyholders of Sun Grepa Power Builder 5 and 10, which are insurance products regulated by the Insurance Commission.

The fund is designed to provide optimum returns consisting of current income and capital growth through investment in a mix of debt (bonds) and equity (stocks) securities from both domestic and foreign issuers.

Benefit from a Wealth of Advantages

  • Provides strength through investment diversification

    You have exposure to all the major asset classes in one fund. Stocks give you higher growth potential while cash and bonds provide greater stability and generate income. Cash is a solid "holding" during volatile times when interest rates are high. The Balanced Fund mirrors the diversification that you could achieve by holding a variety of investment funds or a cross-section of individual investments.

  • Achieves a diversified portfolio with low minimum investment

    Your investment is placed not just in one or two, but in as many instruments as is prudent, reducing over-all risk.

  • Investing made easy through professional investment management

    The fund is managed by top-notch investment professionals who focus solely on maximizing your returns over the long term. You have Sun Grepa Financial Inc.'s investment experience, commitment and research capabilities working for you.