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Sun Grepa Power Builder 1

Power up your money’s earning potential with Sun Grepa Power Builder 1, a single pay, peso-denominated, protection and investment product that provides an opportunity for faster accumulation of fund value since the single premium is invested in full.

  • Life Insurance Coverage1

    Secures the life of the insured with insurance coverage equivalent to at least 125% of the single premium, less 125% of withdrawals, up to age 88.

  • Professional Fund Management

    Offers the policyowner the option to invest the single premium in any of the following funds depending on his risk appetite and financial objectives:

    • Growth Fund – will invest mainly in high-quality listed equities of Philippine entities
    • Income Fund – will invest in high-quality fixed income securities issued by the Philippine government and in high-quality corporate debt securities issued by Philippine companies
    • Opportunity Fund – will invest in a mix of high-quality debt and equity securities mainly of domestic issuers
  • High Earning Potential

    Sun Grepa Power Builder 1 has no premium charges which makes accumulation of fund value faster. Investment returns, however, are not guaranteed and are dependent on market performance of the fund where the premium is invested.

  • Loyalty Bonus

    Gives additional cash benefits as a reward for keeping the investment in the long term. The bonus is currently equivalent to 2% of the policy’s average fund value for the past 5 years. It is payable at the end of the 10th year and every five years thereafter as long as the policy is in-force.

  • Guaranteed Acceptance

    Ensures ease of application if the single premium is within the age and other limits of the guaranteed issue offer set by the Company.

  • Convenient One-Time Investment

    Gives you the convenience of fully paying your policy with just one lump sum payment.

1For policies issued under the Guaranteed Insurability Offer, the insurance benefit shall be limited to the fund value plus insurance charges paid in the event of the insured’s demise within two years after the policy issue date, except if due to accident.