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Sun Grepa Peso Asset Builder

Sun Grepa Peso Asset Builder (New)

Sun Grepa Peso Asset Builder is an investment-linked life insurance plan that provides protection for 7 years and enables your money to benefit from global investment opportunities while protecting your capital.*

Benefits of Sun Grepa Peso Asset Builder:

Life insurance coverage**

Secure your loved ones' future with guaranteed life insurance protection equivalent to at least 125% of your one-time premium payment.

Maximized earning potential amid market changes

Earn potential gains by investing in a Credit Linked Note that taps into the performance of the Goldman Sachs Prime Momentum Optimization Strategy (GS PriMO), a transparent and systematic strategy that provides access to a wide range of global asset classes. You can even protect your funds in the event of unfavorable market conditions.

Annual Income payouts and capital protection*

Enjoy ANNUAL INCOME PAYOUTS for six years and receive at least your FULL SINGLE PREMIUM at the end of the seven-year holding period.


Experience hassle-free application and policy approval through the Guaranteed Insurability Offer, subject to the limits of Sun Life Grepa.

NOTE: The information indicated above is subject to the specific guidelines set by Sun Life Grepa and the actual provisions of the insurance policy contract. As an investment-linked product, the policy owner must understand that the product may be subject to investment risks which could affect the value of the policy.

This product, which is linked to the GS Prime Momentum Optimization Strategy, is a financial solution for clients with risk tolerance classified as moderate to aggressive and who are willing and able to accept risks of adverse movements in the underlying instruments and other risks described in the proposal illustration, policy contract, and marketing collateral. This product is not intended for all and may be more suitable for experienced and sophisticated clients.

*Capital protection and continuity of income payouts are dependent on the absence of the Note Issuer's (GSI) default or other similar factors such as Change in Law (where the Note Issuer is no longer permitted to issue or hold such debt or notes), any Credit Event on The Republic of the Philippines, and the client holding the policy to maturity.

**For policies issued under the Guaranteed Insurability Offer, coverage shall be limited to the Fund Value plus charges paid, in case of the insured's death within the first 2 years from policy effective date, except if death is due to an accident.

Product Brochure: Sun Grepa Peso Asset Builder Product Brochure