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Sun Grepa ProTerm - 5 Year Renewable and Convertible Term

Maximum Protection within Your Reach

Being prepared for life's uncertainties simply means keeping your family's future safe no matter what happens. Leave nothing to chance by taking hold of Sun Grepa ProTerm and be protected with its valuable life insurance coverage so you may live a life of no worries!

Maximum Protection at a Minimal Cost

Getting a life insurance protection need not be expensive. Sun Grepa ProTerm gives you guaranteed maximum life insurance coverage equivalent to 200% of the face amount at a premium that is generally more affordable than most permanent life insurance product --- giving you maximum protection at a cost that fits your budget.

Long Term Renewability1 and Hassle-free Conversion2

Sun Grepa ProTerm lets you enjoy longer protection even until your golden years as it automatically renews every 5 years regardless of your health condition. Plus, it allows you to convert your policy to any eligible life insurance product without having to undergo the process of applying for new life insurance coverage.

Additional Protection

Take full advantage of your coverage by availing of these optional benefits that provide for additional security, giving you peace of mind while facing the risks of being on-the-go.

  • Accidental Death Benefit (ADB) - pays additional amount in case of untimely demise due to accident.
  • Total Disability Benefit (TDB) - waives all future premiums in case of Insured's total and permanent disability.

Note: The above benefits are subject to the specific guidelines set by the Company and the actual provisions on the insurance policy contract.

1 Sun Grepa ProTerm is automatically renewed every 5 years without evidence of insurability up to age 74, with premium adjustment every 5th anniversary of the policy.

2 Sun Grepa ProTerm may also be converted, in whole or in part, to any eligible life or endowment (including VUL) insurance product prior to the policy anniversary on or following the insured's age 65. Any additional benefit contained in the original policy may be included in the new policy if premiums are payable for life.