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Sun Grepa ProSecure

Protect and secure your family's future.

You work hard to provide the best for your family. That is why you need to prepare for anything that life throws your way. Get Sun Grepa ProSecure and have peace of mind knowing that your family will have a bright and secure future no matter what happens.

Guaranteed lifetime coverage

Feel secure and protected knowing that you are insured for life. Starting on day 1, your amount of coverage is equivalent to 200% of the face amount. Plus, you can advance a portion of the face amount in case the insured is diagnosed to have a terminal illness with a life expectancy of 12 months and below.

Dividend Earnings1

With Sun Grepa ProSecure, you will receive dividends from your policy. You may opt to get these in cash, use these to reduce your payment, leave with the Company to accumulate or boost your insurance coverage.

Additional Protection

Maximize your coverage by adding optional supplements to your policy. The Accidental Death Benefit provides additional benefit in case of untimely demise due to accidents. The Waiver of Premiums upon Death or Disability of Initial Owner and Total Disability Benefit waive future payments in case of payor's total and permanent disability.2


Avail of Sun Grepa ProSecure Plus and enjoy guaranteed cash benefits equivalent to 8% of the face amount starting at the end of the 6th policy year and every other year for life! Get the cash benefits regularly or leave them with the Company to accumulate.

1 Dividends are not guaranteed.

2 The Waiver of Premium upon Death or Disability of the Initial Owner waives future premiums in case of payor's total and permanent disability or death before the insured child reaches age 21. Total Disability Benefit waives future premiums in case of payor-insured's total and permanent disability.