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Individual Life Insurance

Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc. has a variety of individual life insurance products to address the different financial needs of its customers. These products include those that address the need for income protection, education funding, a worry-free retirement, and a suitable wealth accumulation plan.


Ensure that your savings remain intact in case of health emergencies.

Income Protection

Safeguard your family's financial security in time of utmost need. These product solutions provide protection for yourself to ensure that your loved ones' standard of living is maintained even if you are no longer around.


Important life goals require careful planning and preparation. Because we understand your needs, we offer solutions that help you steadily build your savings and achieve your dreams.


Look forward to a worry-free retirement with these financial solutions and have the privilege of choosing the benefits you will receive on your golden years. Our flexible packages allow you to plan your retirement during the most productive stage of your life.

Wealth Accumulation

Take charge of your finances and get more value for your money through our competitive savings program. Our various products offer one of the highest interest rates in the industry and cash bonuses that you can set aside for any future need.