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Group Insurance

Sun Life Grepa Financial recognizes that people is an organization's greatest asset. Bring out the best in your people with Sun Life Grepa Financial's Group Insurance Program. We can design a comprehensive group life insurance program that suits your organization's needs at a very reasonable investment.

Group Yearly Renewable Term Insurance (GYRT)

A term life insurance program offered to a group protecting the life of each member. It allows for maximized benefits with best value for your investment.

Group Medical Insurance

A supplementary benefit that provides assistance to members (and dependents, whenever applicable) in times of hospitalization arising from sickness or accidents.

In-patient (IP) - benefit coverage for confinement in a hospital for treatment of sickness, disease, or any surgical procedure due to natural or accidental causes.

Out-patient (OP) - benefit coverage for services like consultation, medicine reimbursements and/or laboratory/diagnostic procedures done in a clinic or hospital without needing hospital confinement.

Optional Benefits:

  • Maternity Benefits
  • Annual Physical Examination (APE) / Executive Check-Up (ECU)
  • Dental Benefits
  • Accidental Medical Reimbursements
  • Hospital Income Benefit (HIB)

Group Credit Life Insurance

A program that covers for a wide variety of short term loans based on either the principal or the outstanding loan for the convenience of both the borrower (with the co-maker, if any) and the creditor.

Mortgage Redemption Insurance

A program that covers client's long term loans secured with real property as collateral. Loan protection is usually based on the outstanding balance of a housing, auto, business, personal or real property loan.