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VUL Unit Price

Peso Funds

As of 04/24/2014Unit PriceYTD Value*
SLG Bond FundPHP 1.2046-0.7988
SLG Balanced FundPHP 1.21305.9944
SLG Equity FundPHP 1.285912.1001
SLG Income FundPHP 1.2574-1.5580
SLG Opportunity FundPHP 1.25216.1012
SLG Growth FundPHP 1.301112.1251

Dollar Funds

As of 04/22/2014Unit PriceYTD Value*
SLG Global Asset BuilderUSD 0.92631.0362
SLG Global Asset Builder - EAUSD 0.84220.6213

* YTD = Year-To-Date yield (yield from start of year)

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