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Sun Life Grepa encourages wellness and preparation for health emergencies

Enjoying life at its fullest is one of the many goals that we want to share with our loved ones. With this in mind, more people are now aware about preparing against any unexpected health challenges because even when we are at our best, critical illness could strike when least expected.

"A health crisis affects more than just a person's body," says Richard S. Lim, President of Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc. (Sun Life Grepa). "That person's family may have to carry the financial burden of ensuring the treatment and recovery of the patient. Without adequate financial protection, medical emergencies can set the family back from their goals and dreams. This is especially true when the person involved is the family's breadwinner."

To help address this concern, Sun Life Grepa now offers Sun Grepa Fit and Well, a comprehensive critical illness insurance product that provides guaranteed cash benefits in case of a person's diagnosis with any of the 114 illnesses covered by the plan. It is a pioneering product in the country that addresses the key stages of a client's health journey: Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment and Rehabilitation (PDTR). What's more, clients availing Sun Grepa Fit & Well also enjoy life insurance coverage until age 100, so their families remain secure no matter what happens.

"At Sun Life Grepa, we believe that preparing for health emergencies is equally important in a person's journey to achieve financial security," Lim adds. "We understand how an unforeseen illness can drain a family's resources that's why we are offering them the opportunity to help themselves cope during difficult times and enable them to continue pursuing their goals and dreams for a brighter future. Sun Grepa Fit and Well's focus on the PDTR ideology ensures that the client gets the best, most comprehensive health care possible."

To ensure that more people can enjoy the benefits of the plan, Sun Grepa Fit and Well can be paid in 10, 15, or 20 annual installments. Semi-quarterly, quarterly, and monthly payment modes are also made available to make the plan more affordable.

Clients can also boost their coverage by availing Sun Grepa Fit and Well Plus or Sun Grepa Fit and Well Advantage. In both variants, clients will receive 5% of their Face Amount for 8 consecutive years as early as age 65. Additional benefits to cover expenses related to hospitalization, follow-up specialist visit, home recovery and palliative care have also been added in the Sun Grepa Fit and Well Advantage variant.

Sun Grepa Fit and Well policyholders automatically become a Gold members when they sign up in the "GoWell" wellness community. GoWell offers relevant health, fitness, and wellness information and free fitness events to Filipinos who wish to live healthier lives.

For more information on Sun Grepa Fit and Well, contact a Sun Life Grepa Advisor at (02) 849-9633 or visit

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