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Judy Ann builds her future with Sun Life Grepa

Judy Ann Santos - Agoncillo, a local household name, well-loved actress, and host,partners with Sun Life Grepa Financial Inc. (Sun Life Grepa), one of the top life insurance companies in the country, in its advocacy to help Filipino families secure a brighter, financially protected future.

At a young age, Judy Ann already saw the importance of establishing adequate financial protection and security by acquiring life insurance for herself and loved ones. This move, she recognizes later on, helped her achieve the peace of mind she and her loved ones now enjoy. "I'm now closer to my dream of achieving financial security for both my loved ones and myself, kasi may Sun Life Grepa partner ako. No matter what the future brings, financially protected kami, says Judy Ann.

Achieving financial security is something she hopes others would realize as well. "Marami tayong kababayan who are not financially prepared for the future. It's important to be ready for life's milestones and even for unexpected moments. That's why important sa akin that Sun Life Grepa is able to reach out to as many Filipino families with this message of financial protection."

Sun Life Grepa is the ideal partner in a person's financial journey. As one of the top financial protection providers in the country, Sun Life Grepa continually creates innovative life insurance products that are designed to financially assist a person at any stage of their life: starting a career; living your life to the fullest; building your family; or even preparing for your retirement years, Sun Life Grepa has products ready to help their clients achieve financial freedom.

"You don't have to be born rich to have a financially stable future," shares Judy Ann. "Whatever you're capable of right now, that's all you need and Sun Life Grepa will take it from there and help you secure your future."

The company boasts of a complete suite of financial solutions as well as fund managers and financial advisors that are ready to assist clients in reaching their dreams and build on the future they want to achieve.

"As early as 18, I believe everyone should already start building their future." Judy Ann continues, "Dreaming about one's life aspiration is free, but to actually live it may require financial resources, and the best way to achieve it is with a financial protection partner who can give the right advice and execute these plans according to your needs." she further added