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Sun Life Grepa Financial sets its new directions

MANILA, Philippines (January 25, 2012) - - Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc. sets its new directions towards achieving its business objectives for the year and delivering even greater value to its customers. The four key strategies are centered on product development, market penetration, and operational efficiency.

To better improve its product portfolio, Sun Life Grepa Financial is introducing its first investment-linked product û Sun Grepa Power Builder. This product addresses clientsÆ need for an alternative investment vehicle which has a potential upside on returns and insurance protection. To help clients boost the earning potential of their money, Sun Grepa Power Builder offers three fund options to choose from depending on their financial goals and risk appetite.

ôThis new investment-linked product is designed for clients who are willing to invest long term and absorb a certain level of risk in exchange of potential gains. Sun Grepa Power Builder answers the marketÆs clamor for financial security, thus, it is expected to boost the companyÆs sales and revenues,ö President and CEO Naresh Krishnan said.

Growing the business also means enhancing its reach. Through the companyÆs bancassurance tie-up with RCBC, Sun Life Grepa Financial will be able to introduce and offer a wide range of insurance products to the bankÆs two million strong customer base through its branch networks. ôThis will definitely position us to take advantage of the opportunities in the bancassurance sector and record accelerated growth,ö Naresh said.

The company is also keen on reviewing its operations to ensure that resources complement business requirements. ôOne of the vital objectives of the new joint venture is augmenting profitability and one way is through establishing operational efficiency,ö Naresh further explained.

ôSun Life Grepa Financial will continue to invest and grow its multiple business lines and distribution channels and aims to be among the top tier insurers in the Philippines, ô Naresh said.

Sun Life Financial and GPL Holdings, Inc. (a member of the Yuchengco Group of Companies) recently entered into an insurance joint venture. With this transaction, Sun Life has acquired 49% of Grepalife Financial, Inc. from GPL Holdings Inc. and assumed management control.