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Clients enjoy a PRAXIS game session with Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc.

Improving one's finances can start with the right mindset. But for many Filipinos, there is limited opportunity to learn personal finance. The topic itself is intimidating for those who are not financially-savvy and is not a high priority for many who live on paycheck to paycheck.

"Preparing for the future is not something that many Filipinos really think about in their day-to-day lives," Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc. President Richard Lim says. "Some people are lucky to have a family who taught them good financial behavior; others are able to learn it in school or at work. And even though they do learn about it, they only get a very basic idea about the concept of financial planning.

For something so complex like insurance and investing, Filipinos will need an able teacher who can explain the importance of planning for the future in a manner that is fun, creative and at the same time relatable in their day to day lives. It is for this reason why one of the top life insurance companies, Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc. , thought of bringing financial literacy to many Filipinos through the board game PRAXIS.

"PRAXIS sets the players in a real-life scenario where they can be characters with a job, getting opportunities to upgrade their lifestyle, experiencing health and financial crises," explains Lim. "Through this time-bound game, they will see how their financial decisions against an unpredictable environment affect the life they want to live."

Armed with a commitment to empower Filipinos to build their dreams, Sun Life Grepa focuses its attention on bringing PRAXIS game sessions to various companies, free of charge. "Employees are every company's most valuable assets," says Lim. "Companies who put their employees' welfare on top of their priorities can greatly benefit from a session. Aside from allowing employees to have fun with a board game, a session allows them to learn what they should do to cope with realistic financial situations played out in the game. Learning more about handling their finances will greatly help them have a brighter future for themselves and their loved ones."

Through the board game, Sun Life Grepa will teach people about cash management, building wealth, preparing for the future, and enabling them to achieve financial freedom. A Sun Life Grepa game master will guide the players in making decisions and in expanding their wealth amidst varying economic situations.

"You can take this chance to evaluate your personal financial management skills," adds Lim. "By the end of the game, your experience will be discussed and lessons will be taught in order to ensure that you are more equipped with better financial skills. We want more Filipinos to become better architects when it comes to their finances."

Companies may request to have a PRAXIS session for their employees by calling Sun Life Grepa Corporate Sales at (02) 866 - 6303 and (02) 866 - 6856. For more information, visit or