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Enabling the millennial career dream

Much has been said about companies being challenged when it comes to keeping their millennial workforce in the fold. Millennials are indeed in search of many things, among them meaningful work and exciting experiences beyond the usual compensation and career perks.

Sun Life Grepa Financial, one of the top 10 life insurance companies in the Philippines, has proven that it has a good environment and offers a promising opportunity for millennials in the field of life insurance, as exemplified by some of its outstanding young advisors.

Honelou Calumpag

Honelou Calumpag, 30, was a nurse in a private hospital when he joined Sun Life Grepa to sell insurance as a part-time job. "When I found myself enjoying the work and the benefits more than my day time job at that time, I decided to focus full time on financial advising," he said. Now I have expanded my horizon and assuming a leadership role which makes my career even more exciting.

A positive outlook on life combined with supportive mentors at the company helps him work through challenges and enables him to live the way he wants to. "At Sun Life Grepa, I am now able to strike a balance between work and personal life. In fact, while I am able to help my financial advisors realize their dreams, I am able to spend time for my personal service in my parish," he says.

A year after joining Sun Life Grepa, he was recognized as both the Rookie Area Manager of the Year and as a Million Dollar Round Table qualifier. "Being able to lead and inspire other people helps me stay focused," says Honelou.

Michelle Aldave

The same drive to excel is also something that Michelle Aldave, 30, embodies. When she started seeking success at an early age, she found it to be a daunting challenge. But she has proven that the right mindset can help one flourish. "I started with insurance at 19 years old. People said I was too young to enter such an industry," Michelle shares.

Between balancing a day job and her advising role, she has found the latter to play a big part in fulfilling her passion to help others. "My work can be challenging especially if the idea of investing in life insurance is new to the people I speak with," she says, "I help them by telling them actual stories about people suddenly losing a loved one without the right financial protection. People easily think that such stories happen only to others; but when I show them how real the situation can be, they grow to appreciate the advice I am giving them."

Nico Aguinalde

Finding a rewarding career and a new mission in life can sometimes come in unexpected circumstances. This was true for Nico Aguinalde, 27, who was working at an I.T. firm when he was recruited to be a financial advisor.

When I started working as an advisor for Sun Life Grepa, I had to learn new things and face many challenges. But I was determined to learn these new skills. I did not allow any failure to distract me." Nico says.

His perseverance came in useful later on when super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) hit the country. "I realized how important my work is for the Filipino people in the wake of that disaster," he said. "When our province was starting to rebuild, I became more aware of my role as a financial advisor. We were able to reach out to many Filipinos who were affected and needed our help. Their experience during this ordeal enlightened them to the advantages of having financial security in uncertain times," he said.

Since 2014, he has been a member of the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table. "Having helped many people solidified my desire to remain in this profession."

Sun Life Grepa is the fastest growing insurer in the Insurance Commission's 2015 Top 10 list. For more information, log on to or check the Sun Life Grepa Facebook fan page.