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In recent years, health has become a top priority among individuals as cases involving critical illnesses continue to rise. People are adapting healthy lifestyles by choosing what they eat, engaging in sports and breaking bad habits that can affect their well-being.

While having a healthy lifestyle can help reduce risks of getting seriously ill, critical illnesses may still surface without warning and seriously affect not just our body but our finances as well. To address the financial burden brought about by needing treatment for critical illness, Sun Life Grepa Financial Inc. (Sun Life Grepa) is launching a convenient and highly affordable health protection plan called Sun Grepa ProHealth.

Sun Grepa ProHealth is a health insurance that provides cash benefits to help manage the cost of treatment and recovery for critical illnesses. As such, a policyholder diagnosed with a critical illness can focus on his or her getting the best treatment possible. Furthermore, loved ones are also protected from sharing any potential financial burden as a result of the insured individual's illness.

"According to a Social Weather Station (SWS) Survey conducted among Filipino families, only 2 out of 10 households are well prepared in case of health emergencies, and those unprepared depend on financial support from relatives or resort to taking out loans',"said Richard Lim, President of Sun Life Grepa.

Sun Grepa ProHealth provides cash benefits in case the insured is diagnosed with any of the 8 minor critical illnesses and Angioplasty or 5 major critical conditions covered in the plan including the top 3 causes of death in the Philippines*: heart attack, stroke, and cancer. Based on a survey conducted by Ipsos HK from September to October 2014, an acute heart attack will cost P978,650, stroke, P1.8M, and lung cancer (stage 4), P1.8M. To add to that, there are other cost concerns associated with the patient's post-recovery, such as additional maintenance or preventive care and medication.

"With the high costs of treating critical conditions, the only thing worse than getting sick is getting sick without money," added Lim.

A P1M insurance coverage under Sun Grepa ProHealth will only cost about P10,000 a year or P833.33 a month.** Aside from being affordable, applying for the plan is also very easy because clients will no longer have to undergo any medical exam. They simply have to answer a few health questions.

"Sun Grepa ProHealth helps provide the safety net that would help in making your savings remain intact despite a serious illness. It also provides life insurance coverage to ensure your loved ones are protected no matter what happens," Lim concludes. "In this way we empower people to live brighter lives."

Sun Life Grepa is a joint venture between the Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC) and Sun Life Financial-Philippines (Sun Life). YGC is one of Southeast Asia's largest conglomerates with over 90 companies, while Sun Life has been a top player in the Philippine market for over 120 years. For more information, call (02) 849-9633, visit or check the Sun Life Grepa facebook page.


** Based on Sun Grepa ProHealth proposal for age 30, female, non-smoker. The "per month" premium is computed for illustration purposes only. Actual premium may vary depending on the mode of payment (annual, semi-annual or quarterly).