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Is a 'Last Will and Testament' only for the rich? Will loved ones enjoy their inheritance in full if an untimely death happens? What happens to one's hard-earned assets when he does not plan ahead? These are just some of the questions that come to mind when it comes to inheritance, estate and legacy matters.

In order to help enlighten people on these questions, Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc. (Sun Life Grepa), the fastest growing insurer among the top 10 life insurance companies for 2015, and RCBC have embarked on a partnership for INHERITANCE MANAGEMENT SESSIONS that provide expert financial protection advice on various matters related to estate planning.

No one can doubt one's motives for trying to properly set up an inheritance for his loved ones. But in many instances, the manner by which people build up and pass on their wealth to their loved ones can be questionable and even chaotic due to lack of planning.

"It is a common occurrence for beneficiaries to end up losing a significant value of their inheritance because people fail to properly plan on various details affecting inheritance," said Jane Manago, RCBC Wealth Management Group Head. "In these sessions, people can learn about the right steps to plan ahead before the inevitable happens."

"Regardless of the value involved, people need to plan these things carefully, especially if they intend to give their loved ones the most out of the inheritance rightfully due them, " says Lizette Racela, RCBC Retail Banking Group Head. "Objectives must be clearly thought through and all viable options are clearly understood regardless of the nature and mix of assets involved. This is where getting good, proper advice is key." Racela added.

Sun Life Grepa and RCBC tapped no less than Atty. Angelo Cabrera, respected legal and financial services expert and author of the book Thy Will Be Done: Understanding the What, Why & When of Estate Planning, to conduct the sessions. "In the sessions with Atty Cabrera, our partner bank's clients gained a better appreciation not only of the concepts and principles behind effective inheritance management, but also an array of practical solutions and financial protection tools that are available to them," says Richard Lim, President of Sun Life Grepa, "In this way, we are helping them plan more effectively for their loved ones' brighter future."

To date, there have been close to a dozen Inheritance Management Sessions conducted nationwide, with over one thousand attendees thus far. These learning sessions are conducted absolutely free for the benefit of RCBC clients and done in line with Sun Life Grepa's and the bank's shared advocacy for financial literacy.

For inquiries about the sessions, please visit or visit your RCBC branch of account.