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Sun Life Grepa Financial offers a range of financial products to fulfill the needs of millions of Filipino people. Our Products vary from Traditional Life Insurance, Group Insurance and Variable Life Insurance to Education, Retirement Plans and Mutual Funds.

Individual Life

Individual Life Insurance

Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc. has a variety of individual life insurance products to address the different financial needs of its customers. These products include those that address the need for income protection, education funding, a worry-free retirement, and a suitable wealth accumulation plan.

Variable Life Insurance

Variable Life Insurance

Millennial Now, Millionaire Later!

Take charge of your future today! Enjoy the present while preparing for your future at the same time.

For as low as P100 a day, you can start your journey to achieve your first one million peso goal through these product options under Sun Life Grepa's Millennial Now, Millionaire Later program:

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To avail of these products or to know more about our Millennial Now, Millionaire Later campaign, visit any Sun Life Grepa sales branch, RCBC or RCBC Savings Bank Branch, or call (02) 849-9633.

Sun Life Grepa Financial offers various investment options that one can choose depending on his risk appetite and financial objectives.

Group Insurance

Group Insurance

Sun Life Grepa Financial recognizes that people is an organization's greatest asset. Bring out the best in your people with Sun Life Grepa Financial's Group Insurance Program. We can design a comprehensive group life insurance program that suits your organization's needs at a very reasonable investment.

Grepa Medical

Grepa Medical and Diagnostic Center

Grepa Medical and Diagnostic Center (GMDC) is a multi-specialty diagnostic clinic that provides quality health care services. The health center, which opened in 2004 at the RCBC Plaza, features the up-to-date medical, dental, laboratory, and imaging facilities staffed by qualified multi-specialists and pro-active clinic personnel. The center offers Pre-employment, Annual Physical Examinations and Executive Check-ups accepted by numerous embassies and multi-national companies. It also has a pharmacy where common and prescribed medicines are readily available.

Product Partnerships

Product Partnerships

CARD GUARD PLUS is a comprehensive credit cardholder protection program that covers up to three (3) credit cards from unauthorized purchases arising from credit card fraud, identity theft, or loss of your credit card, among others. For as low as Php 125 a month, Card Guard Plus provides the following protection benefits that give cardholders total peace of mind: