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Group Insurance

Sun Life Grepa Financial recognizes that people is a company’s greatest asset. With our group insurance program, your company can provide a comprehensive life insurance package for your employees or members at affordable payments. These group insurance plans can also be customized to fit your organization’s needs and budget.

Credit Life Insurance

Covers short term loans based on either the principal or the outstanding loan, like salary loans, personal loans or micro loans.

Mortgage Redemption Insurance

Covers long term loans where the loan is secured with property as collateral. Usually coverage is based on outstanding balance like housing loan, auto loan, and real property loan

Group Permanent Plan

This is an insurance plan that uses Individual Plans with cash values issued on a group basis. Premium is determined based on the individual ages of the members to be insured

Group Yearly Renewable Term Insurance (GYRT)

This is a term insurance plan usually offered to an employer-employee group. A single Group Master Insurance Policy issued to the group or policyholder while the members receive individual certificate of coverage.

Group Medical Insurance

Group Medical Insurance aims to provide assistance to eligible members in times of economic loss due to hospitalization or consultations arising from sickness, illness or accidents.

In-patient (IP) - hospitalization or confinement meeting the minimum waiting period of six (6) hours continuous stay in a hospital for treatment of sickness/disease.

Out-patient (OP) - services like consultation and/or laboratory/diagnostic procedures done in a clinic or hospital as an out-patient basis (not requiring hospital confinement)

Optional Benefits:

  • Maternity Benefits
  • Annual Physical Examination (APE)
  • Dental Benefits (thru a tie-up provider)
  • Accidental Medical Reimbursements

Group Microinsurance

Group Microinsurance provides life insurance coverage for low income earners belonging to a valid group. It has affordable premiums and simple claims settlement.